Establishment of the tide level station
1. Functions of tide level station:

The main functions are to record sea water tide surface level, to provide tide data for public use, such as the base for national height basis net, establish standard level surface for depth, provide tide forecast data, coastal engineering construction, and geosciences research etc.

2. Average seawater surface:

The average value of tide level data observed and recorded by the tide level station for a period of time is called average seawater surface. In the application for height measurement, it uses the astrometry movement period 18.6 years as basis, and calculates the average se level as the basis for height calculation.

3. Application of tide level:
  1. Calculate average seawater surface, for use as basis for height to establish national level reference net.
  2. Establish the standard level surface for depth, to convert the results from different tide period measurements to the standard level surface of depth.
  3. Provide tide forecast data.
  4. Obtain the average tide level, highest tide level, lowest tide level etc. data, to provide for use by sea dike, harbor, cross ocean bridge, ocean sewage discharge pipe, fired or nuclear power plants etc. engineering and construction.
  5. Provide geosciences research required data, such as earth crust movement, and long-term ocean surface rising trend etc.
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