Functionalities of the Tracking station
1.To be the superior control point in the survey for Order 1 and Order 2 satellite control point:

Satellite tracking stations are unmanned, all-weathered and 24 hours continuousoperative signal receiving stations so that the information it gathered is ample and can compute the position of the station. In the surveying for Order 1 and Order 2 satellite control point the tracking stations will also be in operation . By a combined computation of data received from the satellite and the precise position of the tracking station it is possible to control and enhance the precision of satellite control points, and will also meet the national requirement.

2.To find out the absolute position of Taiwan in relation to the mass center of the earth.

The coordinates used in Taiwan are not absolute coordinates (e.g. the TM2o sub-zone, TM3o sub-zone and TM6o sub-zone are all corresponding coordinates to the coordinates at Huchi Hill. while their cadastral coordinate are all corresponding coordinates to the coordinates at Taichung Park.). The satellite tracking stations will join in the surveying operation with other international tracking stations so that the absolute coordinates of our tracking stations will be established through the access to the data collected in those joint stations.

3.To computation the precise orbit coordinates of satellites.

The broadcast ephemeris (for the computation of the satellite orbit) transmitted by the satellite are forecasted and the position of satellites found out in this way are not that precise and cannot meat the high precision requirement. Through the precise and known positions of the 8 satellite tracking stations the satellite orbit coordinates could be computed and then a precise ephemeris instead of the broadcasted one, can be used by all.

4.These tracking stations, all 8 of them, will be able to provide continuously information collected in all 24 hours a day.

The fact that these tracking stations are operative in all weather is equivalent to providing 8 receivers with precise coordinates undergoing surveying operation simultaneously to the various users units. It will therefore provided high precision data and more convenience to the users and reduce the quantity of apparatus needed and the operation cost.

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