Benifits of Height Control System
  1. Through tide observation station long term monitoring, establish average seawater surface level. Through satellite positioning survey to integrate the height system of Taiwan, Pang Hu, Kin Men and Ma Chu etc. islands. 
  2. Establish modern precision height control point system for Pang Hu, Wang An, Shiaoliuchiao, Ludao, Lunyu, Kin Men (include Shiao Kin Men), Bei Gain, and Nan Gain etc. islands. These basic information are provided for the development and construction of these islands, for the devel0ppment of sound industries, for maintaining natural ecology environment, and to improve residence welfare.
  3. Through satellite, land surface and ocean gravity to integrate Taiwan height system into globe height system. The combination and unification will improve international image.
  4. Provide for the establishment of national territory boundary, mainland movement, and the monitoring of the relative strata rise and fall change due to earthquake and volcano eruption or during normal time for scientific research use.
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