Applications of Height Measurement
  1. Survey of national territory boundary: based on height information, and coordinating with the lowest tide line along the shore, to survey the national territory boundary and calculate the territory area.
  2. Topographic map survey and production application: During survey and production of topographic map, the height measurement from the level reference points at all levels in the national level reference net uses the same standard level surface as reference point. With leveled control and high consistence of precision at all level points, the precision of the resulting topographic map will have high consistence and stability. Furthermore, there will be much less mistakes between the joints of different maps. This will prevent different organizations the needs to set up different height measurement control nets. Furthermore, the topographic maps produced by different organizations may be used by other organizations. This will reduce manpower, time, and budget wastes, and provide many applications to all parties.
  3. Application in hydraulic engineering construction:
    Measure the water level differences between river, lake, reservoir and river. Engineering construction and monitoring of reservoir, hydraulic power plant, river dike, sea dike, irrigation system, water discharge system, and ocean sewage discharge etc. Planning, construction and monitoring of river remediation, and flood control system Monitoring of strata sink and underground water level.
  4. Construction application:
    Planning, design and implementation of urban planning.
    Planning, design and implementation of new city development.
    Development and control of hillside land.
  5. Transportation construction application: Planning, design construction and deform monitoring of highway, high speed railway, general roadway, bridge, tunnel, airport, harbor and etc.
  6. Geosciences research: Earth crust movement, earthquake, strata sink, ocean surface incline, long-term ocean surface rising trend, and coastal line erosion etc. geosciences research.
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