Gravity measurement for Class 1 level reference net

The Ministry of Interior, during the class 1 level reference net measurement operation period, also at the class 1 level reference point implemented gravity measurement work. It uses LCR-G type relative gravity instrument to measure. After measured Da Shi, Hsin Chu, Taichung, Fang San, Lu Shui and Hwa Lien etc. sic absolute gravity points and Keelung, Su Au, Li San, Pu Li, Shui San, Kuang Fu, Tainan, Lou Lun Chih Ben and Fang Kung etc. ten grade 1 gravity points, it uses these as basis to carry out 2,065 grade 1 level reference points¡¦ relative gravity measurement. This gravity measurement results may provide grade 1 level reference net measurement work¡¦s isometric height correction required data. At the same time, the land topology, as results of this calculation, may be used for conversion between isometric height system and ellipse spherical height system.

The leveling network of Taiwan

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