Applications of Gravity Measurement

All without exception, satellite launch and orbit calculation, the exploitation of the ocean resources and the study and application of geosciences, exploration and development of natural resources, establish isometric height, and land standard level surface calculation, etc. requires precision gravity data for application. The usage is divided into the following:

  1. Measurement standard: force, pressure, energy, power, temperature, and torque.
  2. Geology research: Oil exploration and mineral exploration etc.
  3. Earth science: earth crust change detection, earth gravity field modeling, and earthquake prediction etc.
  4. Aerospace Technology: Missile, rocket trajectory, satellite orbit, and airplane driver etc.
        Gravity is a reflection of the shape of the Earth, and earth crust movement etc. important information. For example, use the abnormal gravity to predict the appearance of earth crust, and land fluctuation etc. To acquire the above information, we must measure the gravity of earth. Using high precision absolute gravity instrument at the absolute gravity point (such as Da Shi measurement point) for gravity measurement, the known gravity value of the absolute gravity points may be used as base for full-scale measurement of gravity measurement.

        In summary, for modern nations, all people's livelihood, technology, and construction etc. require earth gravity field information. However, domestically, other than a few academic researches, there is no gravity base data, not to mention the national gravity control system. Therefore, this center will establish national gravity control net and gravity data base to provide for application in aviation and aerospace development, exploration of resources, earth science, measurement standard, modern precision height control point system isometric height correction etc. areas and then rise us into the modern high tech nations.
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