Benifits of gravity net

The advanced countries, such as the United States, Germany, and Australia etc., have all established complete national gravity net specifications (Torge, 1989). Just like the triangle net (or satellite net), they are widely used by private organization for survey, navigation, study of Earth physics, and the height level reference etc. applications.

The gravity measurement in our country is at the beginning stage. With the recent strong requirement in the development of space technology, study in geosciences, (prediction of earthquake etc.), and oceanography, as well as the requirement by national major construction projects, to establish the national gravity net is the most important work of this center at this stage. The phased mission is as follows:

  1. Completed Taiwan area absolute gravity measurement and testing and class 1 gravity point set up work.
  2. Completed 1,010 points of class 1 grade 1 level reference points to implement gravity measurement work.
  3. Plan to complete gravity measurement operation specifications.
  4. Plan to complete 1,055 points of class 1 grade 2 level reference points to implement gravity measurement work.
  5. Plan to complete gravity base station and absolute gravity points set up work.
  6. Plan to complete grade 1 and 2 measurement work.
  7. Plan to complete ship load gravity measurement and absolute international cooperation gravity measurement etc. work.
  8. Plan to complete Taiwan area high precision land standard level surface model.

For modern nations, all people's livelihood,technology, and construction etc. require gravity information. For example the measurement standard used by general public, the coordinate system and height system used in engineering construction, and in resource exploration, earth change, and earthquake prediction etc. technology applications. The precision gravity data is dependent on the establishment of national gravity net.

To establish gravity net system, in addition to provide applications in aviation and aerospace development, earth science, exploration of resources, oceanography, and measurement standard, for use by all. The most important purpose in the survey application is to be used as modern precision height control points system for isometric height correction. It will be provided for all to lower society costs and improve economic benefits.

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