The Satellite Tracking Station
1.The Satellite Tracking Station
Satellite tracking stations are unmanned, all-weathered and 24 hours operative signal receiving stations. The information received at these stations is so voluminous that the coordinate of each tracking station itself, after numerous repeated computations is very precisely positioned and can serve as the bases for satellite control point survying.
2.The set-up principle of Satellite Tracking Stations
In order that satellite tracking stations can function for a long period unfailingly and to assure data quality the building of these stations must comply with the following principles:
  1. A good aerial view ( There should be no obstacle at Mask angle 10 (and above )).
  2. A stable geological structure with no partial sliding.
  3. The surrounding terrain and structures should remain unchanged in the long run and it shall not be changed for other development.
  4. The site should be far away from all electromagnetic interference such as that caused by radio stations, radar stations, microwave transmission stations.
  5. The site must be well equipped with power supply and telecommunication facilities which are important for data transmissions and receptions.
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