Applications of Satellite Positioning
1.Application on Land
  1. In ordinary survey and geodesy, satellite positioning survey may be applied to the study of geomechanics, crust movement monitoring and geodetic control networks surveying.
  2. In Navigation for land transportation, it can be applied to the Navigation of ambulances, police patrol cars and also for the monitoring of truck teams, cargo truck and taxi teams.
2.Application at Sea
  1. For application to marine cartography it can be applied to offshore drilling platform positioning, maritime gravity point position survey, buoy position survey, fish shoal position detection, ports and pier survey.
  2. For application to marine transportation it can be used for navigation at sea and on river, marine technology research, search cruising for accidents at sea and rescue operations.
3.Application in the air
  1. For application to aerial survey cartography it can be applied to the determination of inner orientation in Aerial Photogrammetry and also aerial gravity point position survey.
  2. For application in aerial transport it can be applied in the navigation for airplane aviation, landing navigation and the control in the spraying of farm pesticide .

4.Application in the Space
It can be applied to low orbit satellite(GPS are by high orbit ) or positioning and navigation for other space crafts and contour surveying.
5.Recreational Applications
It can be applied for orientation in hiking, explorations and navigation for cruise-ships in lake resort districts.
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