Benefits of High Precision and high Resolution DTM
  1. Survey and produce high precision and high resolution data land topology model for the entire Taiwan, as basis for national construction and benefit national land sustained development.
  2. Provide fast and automated application required basic data for ecology travel, land and water conservation, river remediation, flood prevention, shore, forest etc. areas
  3. Provide satellite image rectification (produce the positive projection images), and to assist the establishment of precision national land information system, etc. relevant database.
  4. Provide third generation telecommunication (3G) radio wave coverage analysis, simulate the best approach to set up base stations.
  5. Provide power distribution projects, planning and development of science-based industrial park, reservoir projects and transformation monitoring required basic data.
  6. Provide urban planning, upgrade, sewer, water discharge facilities, farming communities enhancement development and construction required basic data. The layout and station of developments of development of village of facilitation need its basic data.
  7. Provide Taiwan rich geography data, in coordination with low mountains, river, costal zone travel, national scenery area construction, culture and ecology travel to present the high quality tourism information.
  8. Avoid the piece meal survey done by different organizations for different projects and obtain data topology information with different precisions. Saving large amount of costs, manpower and time. Improve the competitiveness of the national.
  9. Provide applications in the areas of disaster prevention and disaster rescue, such as evaluation of flood areas, landslide area earth amount estimation.
  10. Implement and promote high precision and high resolution aerial laser scanner survey and mapping work, improve national disaster prevention and disaster rescue ability.
  11. Establish modern digital terrain (surface) model data searching system, through Internet to provide precision data topology (surface) model data to be used by all.
  12. Purchase and introduce aerial LIDAR survey and mapping system to carry out normal national land monitoring mission evaluation and reference.
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